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About us

So apart from my visual stuff i also make electronic music together with Niek Kok. We like to call ourselves ‘Glitterkots en de Nasmaak’ which is roughly translated to: Glittervomit and the aftertaste.
We started like many bands just for fun but it grew into something much more than that. Back then all we had was an iPad and a mini Kaossilator.

When we play we usually just improvise and see where it takes off. Certainly we have some key elements and we have also some songs but most of the time we just like to jam and see where we end up. Lot’s of nice ‘accidents’ happen this way. Almost all the times when we play live we also improvise on the spot. We start with some melodies or beats as backbone/basis and then we add or remove and sculpt it into something different.

Our equipment varies from an iPad to a Kaossilator, Kaoss pad, OP-1 by Teenage engineering and a 0-coast by Make Noise.
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