The people of ‘Bellamy Kabinet‘ asked me to participate with a exhibition in their neighbourhood. ‘Bellamy Kabinet’ is an group which organises exhibitions in display ‘windows’ trough the neighbourhood. A visitor would walk trough the streets of the Bellamy buurt and would see artworks being displayed in windows throughout the neighbourhood.

The concept or theme behind this exhibition i was invited for was to find a connection with the people living there in Amsterdam west. What i thought would be interesting is to explore the possibilities of Social media and try to find the people living in the streets of the ‘Bellamy Buurt‘. Using Facebook to try to get to know these people by seeing how they would present & profile themselves and if i could get to know them based on photos, anekdotes and ‘daily’ routine(s) posted on Facebook. I found a handful of people and started profiling them and gathering photos. Once i’ve decided i had enough material i made this big drawing and try to make short stories based on these profiles(people) i found and highlight some key important moments in the stories and photos they posted on Facebook.

The drawing was hung in a window attached to an GPs practice and hung there for aprox. 3 months. For me the big experiment was if people living there would pass by and recognise themselves or their friends, make a photo and post it on Facebook so the cycle would be complete. This was also the reason for giving this drawing the title: “Tag a Friend”. Unfortunately this didn’t happen.

It was interesting for me to highlight the question about privacy and sharing personal information on platforms like Facebook by translating it into a drawing and display this in the streets for everyone to see.